Friends of the Forgotten

Finding Life in the Last Season
‚ÄčEncouragement for the Aged and Those Who Care For Them
By Diane Doering

This collection of short stories and devotions were written for the aged, sick and dying living in care facilities; and for those who care for them in their final days.  Since the book's release in 2009, countless elderly people have been encouraged in God's constant love for them in the midst of challenging and changing circumstances. 

The Last Season Book Project is an ongoing charitable
endeavor to place complimentary copies in care facilities for the elderly throughout the nation. Please join us in this mission to reach those in their last season of life with God's hope, love and grace. 

Friends of The Forgotten ...Books For The Elderly And Caregivers

"Though others may forget...

I will not forget you.

See, I have engraved you

in the palm of my hands." 

Isaiah 49:15